Must-See Movie Review: Citizen Kane (1941)

Citizen Kane (1941)

Director: Orson Welles

Starring: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton and Dorothy Comingore

AFI Top 100: #1 (1998) #1 (2007)

Academy Awards: Best Original Screenplay

Charles Foster Kane (Welles), a hugely wealthy media tycoon, dies alone in his private estate.  The last word uttered by Kane is “rosebud.”  After his death, the media seems to cover every aspect of his life, except why one of America’s most powerful men would say “rosebud” before passing away.  One reporter tries to discover the meaning behind Kane’s last words.  His investigation brings him face to face with the people who Kane was once close (including his former best friend, second wife and legal guardian).  The reporter is told the story of Kane’s life which took him from an impoverished youth to the heir to a fortune, to a newspaper entrepreneur, to Governor hopeful.

Citizen Kane is commonly considered to the one of, if not the, greatest films of all time.  The American Film Institute had Citizen Kane as number one on its list of 100 greatest American films in both its 1998 and 2007 editions.  The impact of the film is immeasurable.  Countless filmmakers site Welles masterpiece as an influence.  He introduced revolutionary cinematography techniques that are still employed today. 

Finally, 70 years after this film’s debut, I saw it for the first time.  Since viewing it, I’ve purchased already the Blu-ray (Black Friday at Best Buy for $11).  Very high praise.  Personally, it’s hard for me to say that Citizen Kane is superior to The Godfather or Casablanca (#2 and #3 on AFI top 100 list).  But, it’s certainly in their category and that is about as highly as you can speak of a film.

My Rating – 5 Ticket Stubs (Out of 5)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 100% (60 Reviews)

Total 501 Movies Seen – 165

Drama – 16/50



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