“Must See” Movie Review: Sleeper (1973)

Sleeper (1973)

Director: Woody Allen

Starring: Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

Miles Monroe (Allen) was a jazz musician and owner of a health food store in 1973.  It’s 200 years later and he has been cryogenically frozen since dying during a routine procedure.  Scientists working for anunderground movement opposed to America’s police state revive Miles, hoping to use him as a spy to shut down the mysterious ‘Aires Project’.

The authorities show up and arrest all of the scientists, but Miles manages to escape by disguising himself as a Robotic butler.  He is delivered to the house of socialite and poet Luna Schlosser (Keaton).  She decides to have her new robot’s head removed and replaced with something more ascetically pleasing.  Meanwhile, the government is searching for Miles – who they have dubbed an ‘alien.’  Miles reveals himself to Luna causing her to freak out and try to turn him over to the authorities.  But, when she sees the corruption in her government she begins to warm to him.  Shortly after Miles is captured and brainwashed and Luna joins the underground movement.  Eventually Luna and the underground save Miles and try to take down the Aires Project.


The original Sleeper tagline proclaims that, “Woody Allen takes a nostalgic look at the future.”  And, that’s exactly what it is.  Woody Allen wakes up in a future where they
laugh at the healthy food he requests as they’ve discovered that hot fudge sundaes
are a real health food and that smoking helps prolong life.  What makes Sleeper so outstanding is the humorous take it has when dealing with the both the 1970s present and the future.   Where (or rather when) Miles wakes up, technology is more advanced, but people (at least those that have been acclimated into society) seem to be more dim.   In
many ways, Sleeper seems to be Allen’s ode to Slapstick comedy.  Nearly every time
Miles finds himself nearly captured by the authorities he manages to escape in
a scene that is reminiscent of a Chaplin movie, complete with the old timey
music, lack of dialogue and physical humor.  This movie was placed in the Science Fiction genre, but thanks to Allen’s comedic genius could easily could have been considered a comedy.

My Rating – 3 Ticket Stubs (Out of 5)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 100% (28 Reviews)

Total 501 Movies Seen – 161

Science Fiction – 24/50



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