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Cinema has always been a passion of mine.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent my free time going to multiplexs; renting tapes and building my own DVD/Blu-ray collection.

It recently became apparent that as I continued to explore the seemingly endless universe of film, I was in desperate need of some direction.  Enter the book – “501 Must-See Movies” (Revised and Updated) a Christmas gift from my wonderfully thoughtful fiancée. 

Almost instantly, I decided on attempting to see every single movie on the list.  Before starting I had seen just over 70 of the 501; leaving me with over 400 movies to watch.

I’m sure you’re asking (just like I did) – what constitutes “must-see.”  Well, the book’s authors answers that question in the Introduction.  “First we made selections from the genres, then consulted the many lists of ‘favorite’ or ‘best’ movies that have been compiled.  Our expert critics had their own view of course.  Then we looked at the body of work for each director, actor, cameraman and crew contributed to the decade or decades featured in the chronology of this book.  We looked at films which complemented or contrasted with one another within their genre or which reflected the era in which they were made.”

The list is broken up into 10 distinct genres: Action/Adventure & Epic, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Musical, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, War and Western.

Up front I want to make a few notes.  First of all, no animated films appear on the list.  Personally, if I were to list over 500, must-see movies I’d have to include the likes of Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast and Wall-E (among others).  Second, there are only a handful of sequels (such as Aliens and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) on the list.  Which left off revered classics like The Godfather: Part II or Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  Third, this isn’t necessarily the best 501 movies – just ones that you “Must-See” so there are some classic blockbusters and others which are included more for a specific industry contribution.  Finally, the book was published in 2010, making the most recent film included on the list is District 9 (released in the U.S. on August 14, 2009).

As of the start of this blog, I’ve seen 160 of the 501 movies.  Each of my next few posts will be focused on each genre for a recap of the movies I’ve seen prior to my first post.  After that I will start on the remaining 341 and provide reviews as I go.

If you’re interested in seeing a list of my favorite movies, click the ‘About’ link.  

If you love movies the way I do, come back and check in on my cinematic journey as I continue to blog.  If you are twitter inclined, follow me and say hi: @D_C_Evans.

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About DC Evans

I’m a long time film lover. For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent my free time going to multiplexs; renting tapes and building my own DVD/Blu-ray collection. I'll be blogging about my efforts as I watch my way through the history of film. For starters, I’ll be focusing on watching each movie in the book “501 Must-See Movies.” Follow me on twitter: @D_C_Evans
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